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Hello Everyone!  Spring yet?  Not today!


Thank you for visiting my website.  A quick note about out-of-stock items.....this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get any.  It just means that you can't get any right this instant.  If you look and your favorite is listed as "out of stock", shoot me a quick email....there might be a couple left in the sales kit you can have.  If not, then you get first dibs on the next batch.  You will receive an e-invoice when your soaps are ready to ship.  Production right now is in progress for the 2014 season, so check back often to see how your favorite is coming!  Please note I still have to work my other job, so I don't have as much production time as I would like!


Some of you have been inquiring about fish.  Yes, Supreme Seafood is available here at the store, with a full selection.....(We got the whole truck this year!)......however because of my other job, the best bet is to probably give me a call to set up our rendevous. Wally is also vending at Hilldale Market Saturday mornings; outdoor vending at the usual markets begins the week of 4/27.


Due to financial and personal issues, the store is no longer open regular hours.  If you wish to come out and pick up stuff, you may call 608-884-2221 and make an appointment, or take a chance and stop by.  (It might be a good idea to check the location schedule and see if I'm at a show first!).   


HAPPY HAPPY....Meghan and Barb have chosen to continue to feature Soap by Mom products beyond the holidays!   Please be sure to visit their stores for lots of great items!

Isaac's Soaps   in Mt Horeb WI, right on Main St.  Stop by and say "Hello" to Barb and check out all of her gift items and the adjoining antique shop.

Absolutely Art:   Madison, WI, on Atwood Ave. "Madison's commnity-based art gallery, featuring original fine art and affordable gifts from local artists!"  Introduce yourself to Meghan, and tell her 'Mom" sent you!



 If you have any difficulties ordering at all, or have an issue with the shipping prices, you may click    HERE  and email your order directly.  I will then send you a direct e-invoice to which you may respond with your payment.  If you wish to pay by check, please click on the contacts area for our mailing address and information.  Please be aware that the $9.50 shipping charge is a rough estimate for all packages for the whole United States.  Your actual shipping charges may or may not be the same.  Any over-payment will be refunded.



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