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Hello Everyone! 

Thank you for visiting my website.  Unfortunately, at this time, it is a "browse only" situation.  If you wish to place an order, you will need to email me directly with your selections and I will have to send back an e-invoice for your payment.  Please use email address soapbymom@yahoo.com.  I am currently trying to rebuild the whole website to remedy this abyssmal development, so please bear with me during this difficulty.   Please also check out the Soap by Mom Facebook page periodically for the announcement of the new site going live.  Please be sure to include any appropriate scent selection and a shipping address with your order email.


A quick note about out-of-stock items.....this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get any.  It just means that you can't get any right this instant.  If you look and your favorite is listed as "out of stock", shoot me a quick email....there might be a couple left in the sales kit you can have.  Please DON'T just brainlessly order it!  Tthis will significantly delay shipment of your order, as I try to track you down to determine if you want the product omitted or find out what other item you would like instead.  Please also be aware that if you choose omission, this might drop your order under the $50 free shipping level, and you will then be responsible for shipping costs.


Due to financial and personal issues, my store is no longer open to the public..  If you wish to come out and pick up stuff in spite of this, you may call 608-884-2221 and make an appointment, or take a chance and stop by.  (It might be a good idea to check the location schedule and see if I'm at a show first!).    You can also call ahead and we can make arrangements to use the drop box outside the store, although this isn't always possible in 90-degree summer heat.


About large or bulk-type orders:  Feel free to order as many products as you like, however keep in mind that it doesn't matter if you order two bars or two hundred, my cost of production remains the same.  I purchase raw materials once a year, figure the cost, and then price my items so that everyone can enjoy the best price that I can offer, and I can try to still cover my expenses and make a living.  When you ask for large discounts simply because you are purchasing large amounts, my cost of production and time involved to produce your products does not change.  By asking for large discounts, it's like your boss telling you that you are now working for less salary, but he expects full force effort because it's a large contract.  For the best possible prices, I suggest ordering soap logs in your favorite scent, and maximizing your online money by ordering $50 or more so that you get free shipping. 


Lastly, a word about palm oil.  Recently, I have had several customers choose to boycott all of my products simply because some of them contain palm oil and palm kernel oil.  While I respect their right to choose this option, I'd like to take a moment to point out that when you do this, you are punishing the wrong industry.  Most soapmakers like myself purchase only certified, sustainable palm oil products, and we pay top dollar for it.  What this means in the big scheme of things is that the rain forest farmer gets more money for his product, and therefore doesn't require as much land to produce the income that he needs.  Conversely, companies that buy palm oil products in massive bulk cargo ship quantity pay pennies on the dollar for their palm products.  This means that to make the same amount of income, the rain forest farmer needs massive areas of land to grow product, and the rainforest gets destroyed.   If you really want to have a positive impact and help preserve the rainforests, then you need to be boycotting the big companies and purchasing local from hand crafted soapmakers like Soap by Mom!



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