Dark Forest / Berry & Twig / Nag Champa



For you soybean folks from Evansville, here's a new soap recipe that uses the smooth, creamy soybean fat as it's base.  Mix this with the antioxidant power of safflower oil, and you have a winning soap bar!  Ladies, enjoy the fruity scent of "Berry & Twig" (also available in Skedaddle body lotion).  For you fellas, try intoxicating "Dark Forest", a combination of patchouli, lemongrass and myrrh.  Nag Champa, a dark heavy incense type scent, is great for anyone. 

Weed Soaps



Mom's latest creation, the best soap to come out of the shop in two years!  These soaps feature real Wisconsin dandelions, picked at the height of the bloom in the spring.  Weed soap features these flowers with oatmeal, Weed Wild has dandelion, oatmeal, poppy seeds, lavender flowers, thyme, and paprika.  Once Mom got started adding those herbs, she was having so much fun it was hard to stop!  Both have pungent, refreshing scents.  Sold by the bag as weed should be, one bar (nickel bag) $5.00, two bars (dime bag) $10.

Camper's Crusade Soap

Most of Mom's soaps are square now 

Out of Stock

Here's a soap especially designed for customers who enjoy being outside, but hate the bugs that accompany you!  Formulated from the "Beer Thyme" soap, this soaps uses essential oils that bugs hate.  We call it our bug-unfriendly soap.  Take it along on your next camping trip, or simply use when you are going to go to the garden.  You may also custom order "Skedaddle", our body lotion, with these same oils for extra protection. 

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Spring Lilac / Honeysuckle / Magnolia

Most of Mom's soaps are square now. 


As pretty as the new flowers in the spring, these soaps will bring the season right into your bathroom, even in the dead of winter.  All are 100% vegetable oils, with castor oil and shea butter for moisture.  Let them glide across your skin, or better yet....use with a puff for mountains of bubbles.

Buttermilk Soap



Smooth, creamy soaps that are designed for people who enjoy milk soaps, but don't like the residue of goat milk.  These soaps are made with pasturized buttermilk and olive oil, with other oils for lather.  Bamboo is a fresh, green, clean scent; or try Lavender-Cucumber, or Vi-n-Jack (a great blend of violet and apple cinnamon scents)

Soda Bubbles Soap


This soap is going to be discontinued in 2018, so order today while supplies last...when it's gone, it's gone!

A new soap with the freshness of baking soda!  Slightly gritty, always fresh.  Lemongrass and Sage give an herbal aeroma.  **New 2016*  Orange Lily and Cotton fragrances.  Yes I know that photo doesn't look like soap bars.....production picture coming soon, but in the meanwhile, enjoy this pic of the kids!

Baby Fresh / Baby Blossom

Left Baby Blossom. Right Baby Fresh 

Jasmine Baby Blossom out of stock.  The Rose-Vanilla scent is still available, but will be discontinued...so if you like that one, order today!  When it's gone, it's gone!

A soap gentle enough for kids, or just those of us who are still kids at heart!  An animal and plant fat mix, cleans well and lathers in most instances.  Choose Baby Fresh, the typical baby powder scent, or Baby Blossom, a delightful mix of lime and jasmine.

Coffee Allspice / Spring / Magronella

Coffee Soap shown here 


A soap designed for kitchen use, but with lanolin for moisture.  Coffee acts as a gentle exfoliant.  Orange, sandalwood & spearmint scent.  Spring:  a pleasant mix of earthy, floral, and fruit, minus the coffee.  Magronella (new 2015 season):  a lemony mix of magnolia and citronella, no coffee.

Complexion Soaps

Tomato Soap shown here. 


Especially designed for dry skin, choose Tomato to provide lycopene & vitamin C, Carrot for beta carotene and anti-oxidants.  Also contains natural beeswax to help hold in moisture!  Unscented.

Honey Wheat Soap



A new recipie featuring local honey, wheat germ, and grapeseed oil.  Nice lather, gentle to skin.  Currently available in Clove-Peppermint, Lavender Peach, and Almond Coconut scents!

Hemp Plantain Soap



New for 2016!  A brand new recipe for you veteran soapers to check out.  This soap features wild harvested plantain, hemp oil and shea butter.  You know I had to do earthy scents for this one, so try Earth Berry, Pineapple Patchouli, or Orange Champa.